Harry Potter Is Back!

Harry Potter or the wizarding world is Back, in a BIG way! Just saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, last night and in the end it was only after I saw it, and thought about it that i realized how great it was! It taught two really great lessons, one about worrying: “I’ve always believed that worrying makes you suffer twice.”Newt Scamander says this in the movie and how true is that?! And a lot of times we worry about something and it never even happens…The second lesson I will get too in a later post. But Fantastic Beasts comes on the heels of Cursed Child, and so this has been a very big year for potterheads and those who love magic and JK’s world that she created. And I for one am SO glad! It’s so good to have the magic, wonderment, lessons back and a whole new world to explore! JK never ceases to amaze me with her imagination and her world and the lessons she teaches through her stories. Fantastic Beasts is no different. Haven’t read Cursed Child yet as I am currently reading Deathly Hallows…but can’t wait too! To JK I would say thank you if I could for all the magic, lessons and everything good she’s put into this world if I ever got to meet her, among other things…but now if I could tweet her something or say it briefly, I’d just say, Welcome Back, or thank you, we love you and Welcome Home.⚡❤


Proud to be a Hufflepuff

I know I haven’t written in a long time…but today I’m writing about something that means a lot to me. For a long time I knew or thought I was or identified with the Hufflepuff House,but wasn’t proud or happy about it.I always wanted to be a Gryffindor (and do have some Gryffindor traits,but more Hufflepuff ones)and because of the treatment of the Hufflepuff House,I was ashamed to be considered apart of it…until today! I know now and perhaps knew before, I shouldn’t be ashamed,but that’s tough when your hero(Harry Potter) is apart of another House,considered the bravest one,and everyone always makes fun of your house. 😦 It was actually a negative comment that caused me to realise how great the house is and in turn myself, at least because of the Hufflepuff traits. There was a quote from Hufflepuff that’s on my twitter @gobletecho184 that essentially says,that it’s not about what happens to you,it’s in how you react to it that matters.And a comment or response to the tweet said something like,isn’t that like Hufflepuff to always turn things around and see the brighter side of things? While this may or may not be true,if it is,(and it’s more likely than not that it is)What is wrong with that?! What is wrong with seeing the brighter side of things and trying to see a positive side of things? More than being a glass half full kind of person,I now prefer to think in terms of yes looking or focusing on the positive, and subscribing to the idea that in life there is always something to celebrate…no matter the circumstances.After all “Happiness can always be found if one only remembers to turn on the light.” That quote really is the essence of a Hufflepuff.To see the beauty where others may only see difficulty and tragedy and to bring this perspective to others,to help them in difficult times. And don’t we all,doesn’t everyone need that from time to time?! That is what a Hufflepuff does and what it means to be a Puff at it’s core. We are also the ones to often keep the peace and yes perhaps Talk and use Dialogue first to solve a problem,Before rushing into battle like my beloved Gryffindors. But what’s wrong with that?! Sometimes that is what is needed,rather than to be rash and thinking about things, not just acting is important too! And like the Bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers…Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth…”In the Bible being meek doesn’t mean weak,it means like gentle,caring,and that’s not weak!And we need as many of those people as possible! As for Ms. Hufflepuff “taking all the rest…”this isn’t a sign of weakness but strength!How many people would be willing to do this?! All the other houses were selective,which is one thing…however that also can be a bad thing,because it means rejecting people and isn’t being inclusive a great quality,and not a weakness? As for the most famous traits…since when is being “patient and unafraid of toil” bad?! Being hard working is one trait everyone should have!Patience is tough,but “a virtue” and everyone wishes they had more!Being loyal is one of the best traits and without those who are just, what hope does the world have?! Also the symbol of the Hufflepuff House is a badger.Most think this is funny or represents weakness. Actually badgers are know for their ferociousness and Hufflepuffs are very brave similar to Gryffindors.We may seek peace first,but aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right and be brave when necessary!That’s nothing to be ashamed of! So it’s time that other Hogwarts Houses start treating this House with respect!After all,all of the houses are needed for Hogwarts to exist and have harmony and since we are “only as strong as we are united”…Let’s be that!But now I don’t care!I am not ashamed to be in this house anymore for all these reasons.I’m finally proud to be a Hufflepuff! 😉 ❤

What Harry Potter’s Really About

Harry Potter brings to mind many things when someone brings him up. Boy wizard,magic etc.,and for those who are still anti-Potter, something bad or to be made fun of. To me Harry is definitely not bad nor to be made fun of. But he is also not just a magical wizard. To categorize Harry and his world as just that would really be missing nearly everything that they’re really about. Harry Potter is about love, and friendship and bravery and hardship and loss and evil and overcoming those final three. Quite simply Harry Potter is about Life! To me Harry’s story is both a Christ-like journey and a Christian allegory. But it is also a story that Christian undertones or not,anyone if they’re open to it, can relate too. You don’t have to be a Christian to get powerful,even for some,life altering or saving lessons from it. If you give Harry a chance all this will prove itself true. If you do not you miss out. (In my opinion). There are things in life that are evil and Harry Potter’s not one of them! Quite the opposite! There’s so much good,life affirming even Christian things there and in this case, as sometimes in others, it really pays to have an open mind. I didn’t at first. I thought Harry Potter was almost evil because it includes witchcraft. I could not have been more wrong! The lessons I learned from it will stay with me forever! And a little magic,which is how I think of it, never hurt anyone! Harry is about fighting inner and outer demons and how to, plus actually overcome them. It teaches love in the face of evil and hatred. It teaches the power of friendship. It teaches courage in the face of great danger and that there are worse fates than death; such as a life lived without love,friendship and something worth fighting for! Light is stronger than darkness and is always there, always!Greatness and goodness are defined by our choices,not our abilities or any personal darkness we struggle to overcome! Harry Potter is ultimately about and teaches, love conquers all! Love wins in the end! And what is better than that?!

Why I’m Excited About Pottermore Again

Pottermore. When it was first announced there was excitement equal to what usually accompanies the latest Apple technological release, meaning the anticipation was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all the last Harry Potter movie was about to come out, and there would be no more new HP material or oriented things coming out, until J.K. Rowling (whom I now know likes to be called Jo) announced Pottermore. Everyone was really happy about it too, to say the least.(Well that’s actually the understatement of this century so far! ;))  I stayed up late or all night, as I think documented on this blog, just to gain early access to Pottermore. As a newer HP fan, I was desperate, as I think were many others for more, frankly ANYMORE of Harry Potter (material) I could get. I envisioned Pottermore (which I may not have talked about before) to be an extension of the films. I guess I was just expecting a really visual experience (and the films were fresh on my mind) and not something as grounded in the books as what Pottermore ended up being. And what Pottermore ended up being, was actually what Jo promised,just not what many people envisioned. lol. ;P Well as you may know (if you’ve read this blog before) I got into the Pottermore beta,one of the lucky few, and I was feeling Amazing because I had rarely won anything before, let alone to get to try out something as big as this before anyone else! And then…I got on Pottermore, after waiting for, at least/or for actually, TWO MONTHS! Needless to say I wasn’t very happy with Pottermore at that point, or rather with how the site was being handled. 😦 But I then I was so excited to get on the site, that really overrode my initial anger and frustration. That was UNTIL…..I got on the site! 

Once I got on Pottermore, I was really frustrated and quite frankly BORED with it, because after I had finished book 1, there was only potions and dueling to do on the site for fun and that got old. It got tough boiling the same potions over and over again….especially because there were no new potions and I had yet to master dueling anyway…and even if I had, that would have gotten old too. So I was just really upset with Pottermore and nearly questioning Jo’s vision for the site or at least the execution of her vision by those in charge of the site. I mean if the site was only for children, then say so and let us know…But if it could or was supposed to be enjoyed by anyone, then some things would need to change. And that was the way I had been feeling before now…..

Now, is after the addition of the book, Chamber of Secrets to Pottermore, specifically chapters 5-11. The people behind Pottermore have added games to the site and just recently new potions. I was frustrated with the de-gnoming game at first, but now, I have to admit I really actually, kind of like it! LOL! And even though trying to catch the pixies can be annoying at times, it’s still entertaining and kind of funny and very true to the movie and the way I think the pixies would behave. And to me that’s actually kind of a feat and really awesome that they could capture the actual behavior of the pixies in 2D, without the benefits of 3D and what a film production would have at it’s disposal. Maybe it’s not that hard to program,(I don’t know, not having programmed anything since I was in grade school) but they captured the essence of a great moment in the story. Pottermore’s not so boring anymore and is just more magical. I was unimpressed with a floating car in chapter 1 and I believe 5 of Chamber of Secrets, until I realized the car could, as it should, FLY! They actually created the moment, as each specific part of a chapter is called, so it would look like it’s flying! It may not seem like a big deal to some, but the moments in book 1, were so simplistic and very nearly boring at least after your first time through, and most importantly so non-interactive that it was just like,is that all there is……? But after the addition of some of these new moments and a much more interactive experience including new (albeit much harder) potions, my hope is renewed as far as the potential for this site. I feel like it could be great, again, as I did once, in the very beginning. If Pottermore keeps this up, the end of Chamber of Secrets and/or the other books, could be great. And that’s why I’m excited about Pottermore again.

Harry Potter and Christianity

Harry Potter and Christianity,two things that at least for some don’t mix. But I wanted to write my assessment of the debate. Harry Potter is definitely not a tale specifically or really about Christianity. It is about a wizard with magical powers and makes no mention of God except that Harry wonders in the final book or movie if in fact his parents would be in a church at Christmastime.

But all that said, Harry Potter is not a saga devoid of morality. In fact it teaches a  lot of great morals and lessons and to this Christian at least, though it may be unpopular or seem not possible at least, there are in fact Christian parallels.

Harry Potter himself would be the Christly figure in the potter saga. But it is only a parallel because unlike Christ, Harry is flawed. But like Christ He does in fact die and comes back to life to save his people and the world from his enemy, the evil, satan like voldemort. Another parallel for a Christian might be to compare Harry to a Christian hero, who fights or struggles with the darkness within, as Christians struggle with sin and the evil,and also darkness without as we struggle with satan, and Harry struggles with voldemort. “The world isn’t divided into good people and death eaters(or bad). We all have light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.” This is a quote from Harry’s family friend Sirius. It speaks very much to the fact that as Christians we all have the Light inside us(for us Christ) as well as sin and like for all humanity, it is that which we choose to live by that determines who we really are and our eternal destiny.

The books and movies in the saga are also dominated by other great values such as friendship, bravery, loyalty and most importantly love. Harry’s mother’s love saves him in the beginning and love is described as the the only real magic and that it will always win in the end.

As for the witchcraft debate, I think I look at the magic in the story as magic or power and not something evil. There is dark magic(evil or the bad kind of power) in the story, but there is a distinction made between good and evil and the good and the bad. But that said again, this is not a specifically Christian story. There are parallels and good morals taught,I will emphasize that. But this is just my humble opinion and is subject to change if I come to think otherwise and I definitely welcome comments. But if nothing else it is something to think about and ponder because we do want to be careful what we put in our spirits,etc. (I will add that I think there are definitely positive aspects to Harry Potter if nothing else, even if you disagree with me on the parallels, or if I was wrong about them.)  Well that’s my thoughts on Harry Potter. God Bless and hopefully I’ll write again soon. Thanks for reading.

Magic Radio an HP Podcast(My First HP Podcast) (Hope You Like :))

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What I Love Most About The Harry Potter Fandom

What I love most about the Harry Potter fandom is that we’re a family. The camaraderie between everyone is amazing. It’s like we have our own language. I mean there are these books,movies,music etc. that are wonderful, but what’s really wonderful is that they bond us. We really “get” each other and really care about each other and have a connection due to Harry that few people understand. We aren’t just fans or a fandom or a family due to those things. We really have been touched and deeply and profoundly changed by Harry Potter. How could we not be? And this family really is knowledgeable about Potter and passionate and we all share this passion. I’ve never met a more intelligent fandom that cares so deeply for not only the story(s), and subject matter and what they’ve learned from them but also that just has such a passion for reading and perhaps learning period! (We are “all” Ravenclaws in this way, though we cling to our different “true” houses.)We also have a deep love for each other. We really understand each other. The other thing is not only how much we care for each other but how well we actually “treat” each other. While outsiders or “muggles” (LoL), may see someone weird or different, we treat each other with respect and dignity, because we know the truth. We know who we are and why we are apart of this family. I’ve also never seen another fandom that takes the values that they’ve learned from the series so to heart and works so hard and tirelessly to emulate these values, where the values really get lived out in their lives like they do. That is probably due in large part to the fact that not every fandom teaches anything at all(let alone lessons as profound as we learn from HP) and not all fandoms are equal,the same or as smart or literate. Well the truth is we are “different”, because like Pottermore says to anyone it admits to it’s site, we are “magical”, and we know who we are. We are a family;The Potterhead Family. I’m proud to be a part of it. ❤

Hufflepuff Swag

Do Hufflepuffs have swag? The other houses are known for their wit,bravery and cunning, all things that you could say have swag. But what about the Hufflepuff,known for it’s meekness? Well I’m here to to defend the puff and say we have plenty of swag! I say that in a most humble and non-boastful manner of course!;) I’m just stating a fact, not trying to brag. The description for a Hufflepuff by the Sorting Hat is that they or we (yes I am a proud puff),are “just and loyal…,patient,true and unafraid of toil.” Often times puffs are mocked as almost being weak or pathetic. People often ask what IS a Hufflepuff? It’s a name of one of the four founders of the greatest school of magic there ever has been! Since when is hard work or being committed to that,being a true friend or being just and loyal, pathetic? Since when are these traits to look down on? And also this notion that the Hufflepuff house just took the left overs of the other houses or originally let anyone in,is not true. It’s true that the house is open and accepting,but that just means it is the most tolerant of all the houses. An important trait,especially in society. It is the most caring house too,since Hufflepuffs value fair play and helping others almost,if not above anything else. Since when is being kind a bad thing?  It’s true that puffs have some passive qualities to them, but we can be brave too,as many puffs stayed behind and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts against Voldemort. And Tonks showed bravery and especially Cedric too, as he came face to face with Voldemort and Peter Petigrew.He died fighting and willing to keep fighting; a brave hero. Back a puff into a corner and we’ll put up a mighty fight. We are not to be underestimated. The badger which represents the Hufflepuff house can actually fight animals bigger than it. I’d say that’s a good analogy for a puff too. We can take on a lot more than we might seem. Another quality of a puff is that we are tenacious. This can be defined as “not readily giving up…not easily dispelled or discouraged…persisting in a course of action.” We like Harry can show we can persevere and fight to the very end. So in short, yes we puffs and the Hufflepuff house has swag. I mean what other house has it’s own theme song(Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa)?! What other house can say that? Exactly. Swag. Hufflepuff Swag.